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Free Annual Inspection if you hire us to sell Your Airplane, (LIMITED OFFER, See #13 below)

Aircraft washed, waxed & detailed if we list and sell your Airplane, (LIMITED OFFER)

Hello, my name is Trevon Hunt-Thornton. My staff and I would like to sell your aircraft. I entered the United States Air Force in 1988 and with over 24 years in aviation as a pilot, aviation management, aircraft maintenance technician as well as real estate sales and financial services ranging from investments to lending, I have a lot of knowledge to share that will Sell Your Airplane!

My aviation career is a combination of U.S. Air Force and civilian aviation. I am an ATP with several turbine jet type ratings, a CFII with A&P and Inspection Authorizations (I.A.) as well as Non-destructive Inspection qualifications (NDT/NDI). My business and financial background ranges from investment management, real estate sales, bookkeeping and accounting to mortgage lending and underwriting.

These combined skills, ability and technical knowledge make me uniquely suited to sell your aircraft quickly and for the best price!

Usually the first thought that comes to mind when a pilot decides to sell his or her airplane is "just run ads" in all our well known aircraft industry trade publications and sell it for what you see other airplanes selling for, right? I suggest not. Did I here you ask why? See the fairly Long List Below! Here is a hint...If you don't want to read this list, it has been our experience that you may not want to expend the time necessary to sell your aircraft becasue it will be a LOT of WORK!

1. Selling your airplane by yourself will totally consume, engulf, command and hi-jack your time until it is sold. If you advertise and market the airplane appropriately, potential buyers will eat up many hours of your time because they are searching the market and don't know what you have to offer until they put you through the ringer just to find out you don't have what they want; therefore the airplane will not sell! If you don't advertise and market the airplane appropriately. You will not have all the buyer response volume and you won't sell the airplane anyway. Get ready to put in approximately 25 to 30 hours a week (details below) in order to try to sell just one airplane...yours!

1A. Most of the advertising mediums are the same. Don't let them tell you any different, any aircraft sales organization you call will use the same industry publications that you have access to Trade-A-Plane , Controller and Aerotrader , however the similarities END THERE and the knowledge of aviation, the hours of work outlined above and below as well as all the networks with other brokers clients takes over in order to sell your airplane.

2. You have to Give Out your Person and Confidential Contact information to (hopefully) have 30 to 50 people call and or email you about selling your airplane. Get ready to be put on a SPAM list after you have advertised your email address and you will get unwanted telephone calls for everything under the sun, for many months, even after the ads have stopped running whether you sell the airplane or not and the "Do Not Call" register doesn't work.

3. Potential buyers will call and leave messages, you have to call them back and answer questions on what will many times be long phone calls.

4. Potential buyers will send emails... you have to respond...usually to fairly technical questions.

5. When they ask those technical questions on the phone or in an email, do you know the answers?

6. Have you transferred the following list to an electronic backup: All of your logbook pages, all of your 8130's and all the miscellaneous maintenance documents and factory notices, service bulletins, every invoice to prove the maintenance work performed, any STC's, all AD notices and compliance records. Potential buyers will many times ask those technical questions we referred to earlier and you will need all the above information to answer their questions and email them the records they are inquiring about?

7. Do you have the time to verify the potential buyers financial ability to purchase, then coordinate the escrow, the sale and assist in the delivery of the aircraft?

8. Many buyers are more comfortable placing a deposit with a third party professional like us that uses an separate escrow company as opposed to giving a deposit to the seller.

9. Just like in the auto industry wishful buyers "kick airplane tires" as well, they may not be sure what they want or may not quite be able to afford the price when the total cost of acquisition, insurance and operational cost are itemized to them. These kinds of shoppers will expend several hours of time from you if you are selling your airplane yourself while they are doing this research. As an experienced sales professional we can shield you from this aggravation while at the same time treating the potential buyer with equal attention and respect to help them evaluate your aircraft as their next aircraft.

10. A serious buyer will want a demonstration flight in your aircraft. At this time we have you a serious prospect. We request they provide details outlining their financial ability to purchase and method of financing the purchase. We then collect all of their aviation certifications and verify their authenticity. We validate that they are current with no accidents that may cause you insurance problems. Note: We also inform them that they will be responsible for the fuel bill. With the cost of fuel these days buyers now understand and expect this. If the aircraft is in our trusted possession we will perform the demo flight.

11. Just as in real estate we have standing working relationships with other aircraft brokers that have buyers looking for airplanes in order to sell your aircraft as quickly as possible.

12. We will get you the best price because of a technique we call "Floating Market Price". When is the last time you went to a seafood restaurant and looked on the menu and did not see a price on the "Lobster" but instead seen the word "Market". Airplanes move fairly quick compared to "say" real estate; to the point that if there are no other airplanes on the market this week with your airframe time and your avionics and your engine time, your aircraft's market value may can command more as opposed to being a fixed price until sold. We are completely honest in saying the contra is true. If a glut of aircraft with your approximate airframe and engine times with very similar avionics, your aircraft value may be perceived as just one of the bunch by potential buyers and the price may need small reductions to entice buyers. Regardless, we work the market for you in order to get you the best market price.

The below are Special Incentives for our clients. Different variations May or May Not be available depending on time of the year, your aircraft make and model as well as our staffing. CALL FOR DETAILS !!!

13. Free Annual Inspection if you hire us to sell Your Airplane, yes, your annual inspection is included if we sell your airplane (Limited Offer, must call for details*)

14. Your aircraft will be washed waxed and detailed if you hire us to sell your airplane (Limited Offer, must call for details*)

We just presented a minimum of 14 points you will have to do in order to sell your airplane. Think about it, let's say you do 6 or 7 of these points in the evaluation stage. Here is a quick scenario. You talk to one potential buyer for 20 minutes, then you write an email answering his or her question in detail, upload photos and log book attachments take another 15 minutes, he or she becomes more serious so they calls back in two days with more talk another 20 minutes and they say they want to see the airplane. You verify all of their credentials through a third party provider, you check their pilot's license, medical, financial purchase ability and insurance. All of this takes you another 50 minutes. You meet at the airport and fly with him or her and spend another 1.7 hours including your drive both ways and flight time (they pay for the fuel). He or she decides NOT to buy the airplane. You just spent approximately 3 hours with a prospect that credited you a net $0 dollars. Multiply that one potential buyer times a 30 possible buyers if you advertised and marketed your airplane appropriately. WOW!

If you are not prepared to do all the above or simply do not have the time or ability to do all of the above...selling your aircraft absolutely will present you with some level of difficulty! At the very least your transaction may experience obstacles that may prolong and increase your carrying cost or opportunity cost all of which cost you time and money. We are confident enough to say...even if you don't call someone to help you. However, we do hope you call us. We wish you expedient success in selling your airplane.

(SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE) We are currently offering Flat Fee sales commissions! CALL FOR DETAILS!

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