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Aviation Ground Schools

Private Pilot Ground School

Federal Aivation Regulations, Section 61.35 - Requires that you pass a written test!

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(Private Pilot eKit Redeem codes are included in the shipping box of your pilot supplies for easy access and download of the eBooks below for use on a PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device.) - The Complete Private Pilot (Ebook) by Bob Gardner - The Complete Private Pilot syllabus and stage exams - Private Pilot Test Prep Book - FAR/AIM - Private Oral Exam Guide by Michael Hayes - Practical Test Standards for Private Pilot (Single Engine Land)
PILOT SUPPLIES - Fiberboard E6-B flight computer - Square Chart Plotter - Standard Pilot Logbook
Ground School & 2nd Flight Incentive Combo
Incentive to start Learning to Fly. You have already had your introductory last, all the below gets you started!
- This option gets you your ground school course, it will include a Pilot Log Book and all necessary ground school items.
- We will have a 2nd flight
- Log both of your introductory flight and the second flight In Your New Pilot Logbook
- Start your FAA application
- You are on your way to becoming a newly licensed pilot
We "Highly" suggest all pilots in training spend at least 30 minutes a day covering ground school material. As little as 30 minutes a day can absolutely achieve results over time. The "Winter" time is one of the best times to complete your ground school however, just 30 minutes a day can get your requierments completed in a couple months.
Flight Instruction Groupon
Incentive to start Learning to Fly. This gets you started!
- You are on your way to becoming a newly licensed pilot
For Groupons that have expired.
Introductory Discovery Flight
This is designed to get you off the ground and experience flight!
-This is where you will begin your flying career on your way to becoming a newly licensed pilot
For Those That Want To Try It Out.
5 hr Block of Instruction
5 Hours Block Aircraft

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