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Flight Training

No matter how far you plan to advance; you have to start with the basic pilot qualifications and that is the....
Sport Pilot, Recreation Pilot or Private Pilot license!
Why spend thousands of dollars for a basic qualification when with us we can show you how to get your....

-30 Flight Hours - Recreation Pilot $5,000 approx.
-40 Flight Hours - Private Pilot license $6,000 approx.

Come take an introductory become a pilot flight with us, href="https://www> See our Coupon Promotion!!
All intro flights are usually 7 - 7:30 am

Unfortunately the "Movies" dramatize almost anything related to Aviation and flying. The reality is that airplanes are inherently designed and engineered to be stable and fly mostly "hands off". Come take an introductory flight with us and we will show you how easy it is to learn to fly.

Imagine flying for your small buisness or a weekend trip that normally would have been an 8 hour drive in a private airplane now becomes a 3.5 hour flight!

Advanced Flying such as Instrument Rating, Multi-Engine Commercial, Turbo Prop, Jets! Can be months and a few years away.

As so much of what you see on TV with flying is dramatized we Our goal is to bring reality to your finger tips.

If you have ever aspired to fly; we can make that happen!Call Us.

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